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Wellington Walks on the Web 

Wellington Walks on the Web

This blog uses active hyperlinks.  Left click on any link to open it in a new tab. All are active as at 18 May 2017.

Creating your own walks

Google Maps and Google Earth are well known resources which enable you to plan and save routes.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council promotes the use of Journey Planner, which is pretty user friendly, although it doesn't show all the little paths.  It has free apps for both iPhone and Android mobiles.  You don’t seem to be able to save a route on the site, as you can in Google, but you can send your map by email or print it off.  It also has examples of walks in the region. 

MapMyWalk and MapMyRun, are Google tools.  You
can view hundreds of existing walk and run routes in the Wellington area without signing up to them.  However, you have to create a separate identity to record your own walks or runs.  Both, see for example MapMyWalk, have free apps for iPhone and Android mobiles similar to the Journey Planner ones.  Both link in with MapMyFitness and other Google tools.  They are free to use for creating routes but not ad free in the same way as Journey Planner.  However, if you sign up and create a route it can be saved to the site.
All the sites have the advantage that they show the elevation of any climbs on the walk you are planning, although you can also get that from Google Maps or Google Earth and NZ Topo Map, an on-screen source of topographical maps.

Wellington City Council Web Map gives you access to Wellington City Council maps.

Guides to Walks in the region 
·       A Guide to Wellington Walks is part of an international site.
·       A-Z of Wellington/Kapiti Tracks and Walks is part of the excellent DOC site.  [For Makara Walks also see Meridian site West Wind - wind farm.]
·       The Greater Wellington Regional Council site gives information about all of its parks and details walks within them.  Part of the site also deals with Walking, running and hiking.
·       The Kapiti Coast District Council has a Walking and Riding replicates and supplements the District Council material.
·       The New Zealand Walking Access Commission has its own site with some information on it that might be of interest.
· has a surprisingly full list.
·       Porirua City Council lists its "Top 12 Walking and Cycling Tracks".
·       The Te Araroa site deals with the national trail.
· and Trailforks are primarily cyclist oriented but show many walking tracks in the region and NZ.  
·       Wellington City Council's Walks and Walkways is what it says.  There are also links to guides to numerous places such as Otari and Wilton's Bush.
· lists sights and activities including walks within the region.
·      Zelandia deals with walks in the Sanctuary.

·       Tuteremoana, Kapiti Island – 521
·       Hawkins Hill – 495
·       Colonial Knob – 459 [468 trig nearby]
·       Belmont Hill – 456
·       Mount Kaukau – 445
·       Boulder Hill – 442
·       Makara Hill – 412
·       Wrights Hill - 358 : Johnston Hill - 360
·       Tinakori Hill – 303 [Te Ahumairangi]
·       Brooklyn Hill - 299
·       Mount Victoria – 196
·       Mount Alfred – 182
·       Mount Crawford 163